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  • Casio Digital Pianos
    Casio offer two ranges of digital pianos: Priva and Celviano. The Privia range (PX series) offer some of the most compact digital pianos you can find. The sound and touch are not as good as the Celviano pianos

  • Classenti Digital Pianos
    Great sounding pianos at an affordable price. With Classenti you get a heavier touch than most digital pianos and keyboards. This makes it closer to the feel of a real upright or grand piano. The sound is also realistic.

  • Digital Pianos: Yamaha, Roland, Casio, Kawai, Gem & More

  • Gem Digital Pianos
    A small range of pianos are available from Gem. The appearance and first impressions are good with the Gems. The sound is reasonable, but touch not really firm enough.

  • Kawai Digital Pianos
    Kawai offer an exhausting range of digital pianos with an array of different cabinets and colours. With Kawai you get a pleasant, warm piano sound and a soft touch.

  • Korg Digital Pianos
    Korg have never been popular as a make of digital pianos. The range is also very limited

  • Roland Digital Pianos
    Roland are Number 2 in popularity. A broad range of fine sounding digital pianos. The touch is on the light side making it easy to play, but a little lacking in control. The price is also beyond the reach of most.

  • Thomann Digital Pianos
    If you're on a tight budget, and you or your kids are just starting out then the Thomann digital pianos are definitely worth considering.

  • Yamaha CLP320

  • Yamaha CLP430

  • Yamaha Digital Pianos
    Yamaha will always be the leader in digital pianos. New pianos are always in production with Yamaha's never ending request to build the 'perfect' digital piano... That is one that sounds and feels EXACTLY like the real thing.


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